Magic Bound

Book One

Starting a new school is never easy and this time not fitting in could cost lives.

Despite being raised by shifters, my life was fairly ordinary . . . until I tried to break up a fight and got zapped with magic.

Then, all hell broke loose.

The binding spell placed on me as an infant broke and I found out in a painful and rather unpleasant manner that I’m actually a witch. Sounds great, right?

Yeah . . . not so much.

Now, the very people my birth mother tried to hide me from want to use my concealment as an excuse to push an anti-shifter agenda. The only way to keep my adoptive family—and myself—safe is to enroll in the elite Ravencrest Academy and prove I can control my newfound abilities.

Unfortunately, raw power doesn’t translate into competency and magic alone does nothing to help me navigate the ins and outs of witch society. But even with all the things working against me, I manage to make a few new friends and there’s a spark of something more with the last person I expect.

Still, I can’t let that distract me from the ugly truth that many who walk the halls of Ravencrest are eager to see me fail. To keep the peace between shifters and witches I must succeed . . . no matter the cost.

Magic Bound is the first book in an exciting new YA paranormal academy series with a slow burn enemies-to-lovers romance. Perfect for fans of Supernatural Academy, Shadowspell Academy, and Evermore Academy. One click today to dive in!

★★★★★ “The details in this binge-able book are missing from so many academy novels! Romance, conflict, and a hurtling pace; this is a cover to cover read.” – Kelly St. Clare, USA Today Bestselling Author

★★★★★ “If you’re a fan of enemies to lovers, academy books or paranormal stories, then definitely add this one to your list! I can’t recommend it enough!”- Star-Crossed Book Blog

Book One: Magic Bound
Book Two: Spell Linked
Book Three: Ward Locked
Book Four: Fate Sealed

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